The quality of service delivered by your workshop can so often be the decisive factor that builds a customer’s trust, or completely destroys it. QCheck makes it easier than ever to track the performance of each workshop

operative, to know what they are doing well, as well as to understand aspects of their every day working practices that may have a negative impact on how customers view your company.

The QCheck Customer Journey
QCheck makes workshop quality easily controllable

Equipped with the telling data that Qcheck delivers, every professional whose job it is to ensure customers’ vehicles are meticulously serviced and maintained can be encouraged to engage with an ongoing programme of self-improvement. It’s less about reprimanding people than showing them how their attention to detail is crucial to the success of the company and therefore the security of their employment, as well as the degree of personal satisfaction they derive from their tasks.

It only takes 2 minutes a day to do a Qcheck

QCheck consigns the tedium of filling in and filing time consuming paper check sheets to history. It takes just 2 minutes each day to key in the data that will become the building blocks of efficient quality control. No extra software is needed, because Qcheck is entirely web-based. Reports are delivered in ‘real-time’ with no lag between a check being noted and the implications of that fresh data being available in analyses and reports at every level.

The statistics prove QCheck works

96% of workshops where Qcheck has been incorporated have reported an improvement in work quality of 30% in the first year of use. Over 3,000 dealers across 20 markets now depend on Qcheck to help them achieve the high level of workshop quality that retains and builds business, with those figures set to expand dramatically as Qcheck is introduced to additional markets and new customers across Europe.

A proven track record:
  • Over 1.5 million vehicles already Qchecked in 26 countries
  • 300,000+ ‘repeat repairs’ avoided
  • 96% of users experience 30% improvement in first year
  • “Recently we experienced our first incident in over 10 years with Trading Standards. As part of their investigation, they asked if we had a Quality Control process in place. I showed them how we have been using QCheck since 2006 to check jobs daily and they were most impressed to see how we report our technicians' results honestly, showing all faults found and actions taken. As a result of this they agreed this incident was highly unusual and didn't issue a fine because QCheck successfully demonstrated how robust our Quality Control process is."

    Mark Knutting
    Service Manager, William A. Lewis, Shrewsbury
  • "QCheck is so easy to use, noticeably so when compared to the previous methods we had tried and because it's so easy to drill down through the data, I can easily identify which technicians require help or training. Our CSI has improved significantly as a result because errors are rectified before they become problems. QCheck was originally paid for by our OEM, we now pay for it ourselves and keeping it was never in doubt, especially as it's so cost effective."

    Mike Hankey
    Workshop Manager, Rybrook Volvo, Warrington
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