Knowledge is power. Never more so than in the case of Capture, our entirely web-based Sales Analysis system. Capture records and reports easy-to-digest, minutely detailed information on your Customers’ buying habits, from retail to bodyshop, accessories to trade.

Capture then translates this valuable data into the capability to identify and sell customers whatever they haven’t historically bought from you, plus greater quantities of whatever they have been purchasing.

The Capture Customer Journey
How Capture collects and delivers fresher data, faster

Capture gathers information via a daily data feed from your DMS, recording details of every invoice right down to individual part level. This is then reported in line with the Vehicle Manufacturers’ hierarchy, encompassing categories such as Dealer, Region, National and Global. But in addition to standard reporting (vs prior year, vs set objective etc.), your customers are assigned to VM-defined business categories, such as Fleet or Independent Workshop. And because data can then be interrogated right down to an individual part sale, it can be used to identify potential sales opportunities.

Capture finds the gap … then exploits it

Capture also contains a sophisticated, user-friendly ‘Marketing Module’ with which you can then generate focused, creative marketing materials, designed to exploit the sales opportunities this ingenious system has identified for you. And you can track the effectiveness of these campaigns, measuring the sales they deliver over whatever period you define as appropriate, setting up your own customer/parts groups, using the results to refine and constantly improve your marketing activity.

So easy to use, such a powerful sales weapon

Capture can be accessed from any web-connected PC, be that in the office, home or on the road. So a report can be downloaded in preparation for the sales visit, or in real-time as the meeting is taking place. It’s as easy as using a search engine and requires virtually no training.

  • Capture has now tracked over £1 billion in sales transactions
  • Capture has generated over half a million user reports so far
  • Capture now holds over 32 million lines of transaction data
  • “A quick look at Capture every day arms me with our Trade Club Partners' buying habits before I walk in the door, up to and including anything they bought yesterday. More importantly I know what they don't buy (or if they are 'Captive-only' purchasers), which allows me to concentrate on the sales that matter rather than just guessing. A nice feature is Capture's 'customer group mapping' which provides far more flexibility than our DMS ever could and lets me produce highly effective marketing material focused on those customers with the greatest sales potential"

    Tony Walsh
    Trade Parts Sales Manager, Gates of Harlow
  • "I've only been in this role for a few months and haven't been trained on Capture yet, but it's so simple to pick up that I taught myself how to identify the customers who aren't buying our brake parts with ease. The information has been invaluable and formed the basis of a sales-out promotion which we're tracking using Capture; something our DMS would have struggled to do simply. I expect to increase sales of brake content by 20% as a result"

    Phil Pankhurst
    Trade Parts Sales Manager, @First Parts, Barking
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