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About Clifford Thames Group

Clifford Thames started as a printing company in 1948 before adding a technical writing capability and producing technical documentation and other specialist publications for the automotive industry in the early 1960's.

Clifford Thames has been creating, aggregating and publishing aftermarket data for labour operations and menu packages, part catalogues and vehicle specifications since the mid 1980's.

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Headquartered in Chelmsford near London in the UK, Clifford Thames now has offices in 10 countries covering Europe, Asia Pacific and North & South America, including low cost sourcing centres in Krakow in Poland and Chennai in India.


With around 400 employees and over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, the Clifford Thames Group is well placed to deliver global solutions focused on growing the business of our clients through the creation and management of data content and the deployment of our SaaS industry platforms.


We specialise in creating, aggregating and structuring industry data together with the unique capability to translate and cross-refer the data between the formats and business processes used by our various customers.


Clifford Thames provides a substantial array of decision support systems that enable our clients to model, price, forecast, manage risk and quality and deliver channel management, analysis and reporting.

Our industry platforms enable our customers to scale quickly, integrate networks and channels, optimise business processes, drive efficiencies and deploy faster across region.

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